sculptural form

These sculptural forms are conversations between materiality, colour and light. Research into the prefabricated and modular building systems which came into use during the 1940’s and 50’s as post-war Britain was rebuilt, have influenced the development of these pieces.

The arrangement of shapes and materials in layers, juxtaposed, placed perpendicular to each other, or slotted together, allows an exploration of depth and time intervals. These compositions are suggestive of corner spaces as well as the captivating and often intriguing spaces between or at the peripheries of buildings.

Screen printed details include patterned layers of the fly-screen mesh associated with a childhood spent in Western Australia, as well as concrete surface details. When I was eight years old our family home was destroyed by a tropical cyclone and we were evacuated to the shelter of a concrete school building; so for me concrete has positive associations, particularly with safety. Drawing on a love of Brutalist concrete buildings, a variety of different materials associated with the safe construction of concrete are also introduced.

Using different sensory elements, such as colour, shape, surface treatment and materiality, may provoke a response, suggesting a memory or an association in the viewer. 

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